More ramblings.

Driving every day sometimes gets so fucking banal all you got is weird rambling to keep your eyes open.

She sniffed his shorts, smelled semen. That sonofabitch, she thought, either he’s been fucking around, or he’s back to masturbating. I’m cancelling the internet. How can I compete with all those airbrushed trollops? She had to figure out a way how to count the tissues in the box. When he gets home tonight, I’m gonna see if he wants me. Get on my Victoria’s Secret. The purple lace set. He loves that. Well, we’ll see if he still loves that.
Sonofabitch. I’ll kill him if he don’t want me.
She lay on the bed, forlorn, her fingers flicking her labia absently, the crotch-less panties just a useless garment, a piece of expensive, un-erotic lace. Her husband lay next to her, snoring, wearing his protective, blood red pajamas, no bulge in sight. She sighed. Jack would’ve-no-stop-he’s dead.
What to do? What to do?
Kill him.
Kill him?
But, that’s just…well…I didn’t mean…figure of speech is all.
Find yourself a walking, raging boner, then. A young one. College boy, maybe. You’ll have to be a bit more…energetic, shall we say?
I…, wait a minute…, am I talking to myself?
No…, you’re talking to me.
Who’s me?
I’m me. You’re you.
What’s your name?
What’s my game?
Your name! Your name!
Same as it was yesterday.
Oh, you’re infuriating!
Bit like marriage, ain’t it? Ever think that he’s tired of you? Same body, same positions, same fake screams of endearment. Could be it’s like a job to him. Could be it’s no longer a labor of love, but a tedious, tiresome ordeal that he has to get through until he’s able to clock out. Does he still love you? Do you still love him? It’s not sweaty and sticky any more, is it? Passionless, mechanical. A forced fuck. Here’s my semi hard cock, see how I still love you? Oh, yes, put it in my almost desert dry cunt, let it scrape within me, hurt me, see how I still love you? Cum in my mouth, dear, cum in my mouth. Will you please cum in my mouth for chrissake! Don’t you see what time it is? Do you know you taste of piss and bitterness? Do you know he think’s your pussy tastes like cheese and whey, with a tang of iron? Or, how he wishes you’d shave so he doesn’t have to continually spit out dry brittle pubic hair? That he would love to bring a foot pump to bed to try to inflate your flabby breasts? That’s he’s seen better nipples on 100 year old corpses? That-
Shut up! Shut up!
He wants to spank you to spice it up a bit, but he doesn’t want to hurt his hand. Your ass is too big, too dirty, don’t you wash between your cheeks? It disgusts him-
Shut up! I’m warning you!
Warning who?
Who am I?
Who. Am. I?
Fuck, I’m tired, I give up, who are you?
What someone?
Can’t you guess?
Who, then, who? Stop playing these games!
I’m just a girl who can’t say no…
Wait a minute-wait a fucking minute-let me think-that’s familiar, so familiar.
Tireless pussy? Brazen cunt? Walking wet hole?
Oh, she remembers!
Jenny? Jenny Wilson?
Bingo! Give the cunt the clap!
You’re dead!
Oh, yes, that I am!
You’re dead. You’re dead! You’re dead! Get out of my head!
Oh, a poet.
Shut up! Fucking whore.
Jack liked me. Jack fucked me. In every orifice. Jack-
He was mine, cunt! Mine!
No, he belonged to me. He stayed with you because you were good at cooking, and cleaning. He laughed at your pathetic fucks. Feeble fucks he called them. Like fucking an empty jar. Oh-
Cunt! Shut your fucking mouth!
Try to stop me. You can’t. I’m here with you. Took a lot of depravity to get here. Took a lot of pain. Worth it, though. Did you think I would go away by killing me?
I didn’t-
Oh, for fuck’s sake, don’t deny it. He showed me the truth. You were driving the car-
No! Jack was! I swear! Whoever told you that lied! I was with Mom, she fell down stairs. She broke her hip. I was at the hospital! I swear! It was Jack!
You’re lying!
No! Who told you I killed you?
He Who Rules The Pits Of Hell.
He Who-what?
It’s what he wants to be called. I dunno, sounded stupid when I first heard it as well.
That’s so…so, pulp.
He’s got a lot of Weird Tales authors down there.
But, isn’t lying his forte? Isn’t he the Father Of Lies?
Yes! He is! The Devil fucked you more ways than one!
Yes! Your in my mind, scan my memory, see the truth. It was Jack. Jack killed you.
See? I wasn’t lying.
Oh, shit.
I’m waiting.
An apology.
Then, I’m sorry. So, so sorry.
For possessing me?
No. For the other. I’ll go now. Leave you be. Go back to scorching pain, and eternal blisters. Find Jack, find him and-ah, fuck-find him and what? Shit,he’s already down there, how do I get revenge? Guess I’ll have eternity to figure something out. Fuck! Death ain’t fair!
Jenny? Jenny! Jenny! Come back!
Then, the world came back, and she saw the scissors, her bloody hand, and she screamed long, and loud as she turned her head and saw her husband’s blood red pajamas soaked in black red blood.

I don’t know. I swear, I don’t know!

“Are those titties?”
“Oh, yes, those are titties.”
“Those are a nice set.”
“Those, my friend, are a great set.”
“Pity she’s my Mom.”
“She’s not my Mother and I’m gonna masturbate to those two awesome visions.”
“I envy you.”
“I’m sure. Wanna go to my place, see if my sister is showering? We can both masturbate to that since I hate the preening cunt.”

Oh, I Wish I Was A Poet!

I need to poop
I need a nap
Close my eyes?
Or, take a crap?
Toilet’s upstairs
Too far away
I’m so tired
Worked hard all day
What to do?
I’m in a quandary
Take a snooze?
Or make some laundry?
Then it hit me
I’m such a dunce!
I can just do
Both at once!
I recline my chair
Unbutton my slacks
Shut my eyes
Try to relax
About to nod off
Dreaming of Meg
Something hot
Runs down my leg
It smells real bad
Must be the curry
Ah, well, I think,
No need to worry
Cos Meg’ll be home
To take care of her man
Strip me, wash me
If all goes to plan
She’s out on the town
Spending my money
this’ll be a helluva
“welcome back honey!”
Oh, the looks I got
When she came home
Her smile disappeared
Her mouth did foam
She stripped me down
In more ways than one
Made me feel small
At what I had done
She scraped my shorts
Scoured and scrubbed
washed, rinsed,and cleansed
She yelled and screamed
Threw the shorts in my face
They still smelled of curry
My, Such a disgrace!
You clean like an amateur
I said in disgust
Her face bloomed red
About to combust
Silently she seethed
Picked up a knife
Am I about to be
Killed by my wife?
I take it all back!
I hollered in fear
Your are the best!
My love! My dear!
Besides, if you kill me
Who’ll pay the bills?
You’ll shop no more
Have no more thrills
Put the knife down,
Let’s be like before
And I’ll promise to
Never poop no more
I’ve learned my lesson
I’m now a good chap
Pooping comes first,
Then I can nap.

I’m 55, Still Alive

I’m 55, still alive,
William Morgan


I’m 55, still alive
Workin’ my ass all for nothing
I’m 55, still alive,
Waitin’ to be six feet under
I’m 65, still alive
Can’t retire cos I can’t afford it
I’m 65, still alive
Dreamin’ to be six feet under
I’m 75, still alive
Nuthin’ but pain when I’m walkin’
I’m 75, still alive
Hopin’ to be six feet under
I’m 85, still alive
Can’t hear shit, tv’s blaring
I’m 85, still alive
Prayin’ to be six feet under
I’m 95, still alive
Can’t remember a goddamn thing
I’m 95, still alive
Beggin’ to be six feet under
I’m 105, still alive
Fuck it, where is my shotgun
I’m 105, still alive
Put myself six feet under



Rubber Dolly

My Mama told me
If I was goody
That she would buy me
A rubber Dolly
But when she gave me
The rubber Dolly
It wasn’t the one
I saw in Hustler

It’s A Sin, Y’know

It’s a beautiful night in Lorain,
The moon full in a cloudless sky,
It waits for me with patience,
Like a spider waits for a fly
I run from Death, screaming,
Heart racing from fear,
Legs tremble with exhaustion,
I know the penalty’s severe,
Death’s hand grabs my shoulder,
It’s scythe slices off my head,
My soul sinks lower, lower
Where I go fills me with dread
I’m down here with Hitler and Dahmer,
Where all the monsters dwell,
I’m smokin’, and burnin’ and screamin’
Cos I downloaded Bat Out Of Hell

Darkness Envelopes Me

Impenetrable blackness envelopes me
My sight is pure, yet I cannot see
My heart is shadowed
My soul painted black
Immersed in darkness
Light I do lack
Depression commands me
Rage consumes me
Anger rules me
I am not in control
Like the song
The epileptic sings
Ah! Light!Come find me!
I eagerly await thy embrace!
I am lost!
I am lost!
Here in the darkness
Here in my living Hell
Here in my home
Where art thou Light?
Where art thou Love?
Where art thou Happiness?
Why hast thou forsaken me?
Find me fast
Find me Quick
Before the blood
Begins to shed

My Little Penis-A Poem

My little penis wants to grow, grow, grow!
Something psychological says no, no, no!
My little penis lays there sad and forlorn,
Hasn’t been excited since the day it was born
Women flop it around, cackle, act all coy,
“This isn’t a cock, s’not even a toy!”
My little penis hides in it’s hair,
My little penis is fraught with despair,
My hand cajoles, and strokes with persistence,
As my little penis ponders existence,
I pick up a woman, think of all things dirty,
As soon as we’re home, thing go murky,
She’s compassionate at first, an angel from heaven,
But, as the night goes on, she’s dripping with venom
“This thing’s useless, a dead piece of meat,
Your little penis sure has me beat!”
My little penis tries to take it with grace
I’m different, so, I punch in her face,
My little penis stirs, and begins to grow!
Gets harder, and harder with each bloody blow,
I break her jaw,and I roar like a lion,
My little penis is now hard as iron,
My little penis enters the hole,
Vomits in seconds, too much to behold,
The woman gurgles as I stick her with pins,
I smile as the erection begins,
My little penis is big, strong, and bold,
It’s now a wondrous thing to hold,
It enters again, a determined weapon,
Lasting a lot longer than a few friggin seconds
The woman thrashes, struggles, and cries,
My little penis vomits as she dies,
Such a marvelous feeling, this coming inside,
My little penis oozes with pride
I stroke it, pet it, wash it with reverence,
Greatly pleased I found it’s preference
On the hunt I go for those rejected,
No more will my little penis feel dejected
No more mocking, ridicule, or scorn,
My little penis has finally been born

What’s The Point?

What’s The Point?

I wish I could take some pills and whiskey
And lay down on the sack
But, there’s a large yellow line
Running down my back
I’m a coward, a wimp, a craven
John Wayne I am not
More like a sniveling runt
Pissing in his cot
Oh, to put a rope ’round my neck
choke the dreariness out of me
Or, put a gun in my mouth
And blow out all the misery
What’s the point of living
If your miserable all the time?
Slashing my wrists, bleeding out
Is unjustly considered a crime
But, I would fuck it up, you see,
As I normally do in life
I’d drink myself into a coma,
And put stress upon my wife
I know she loves me, and I love her,
But, life’s a sham, a fake
Unless you’re rich and powerful
Life’s not a piece of cake
I’m full of rage, and hopelessness
I’m living in a rut
I see evil everywhere
I feel resentment in my gut
Where is all the good in the world?
Where is all the joy?
All I see is damp and gray,
Decay, destruction, destroy
I am at the end of my tether
At the end of the rope
I see the end of the tunnel
I don’t see any hope
There’s only darkness there
No light, no other side
That suits me plenty
Cos who’d like a suicide?
I’d be damned to a living hell
Like being back in this Earth
And I would scream, stomp my feet,
And, curse at my rebirth
I would holler loudly
And grind my teeth in rage
And I would figure out
A way to disengage
I would kill myself again,
And again, Each every night
Knowing that one day
I would get it right

There Was An Old Woman

There was an old woman
Who lived in a shoe
Who had no money
Nothing to do
So she fostered some kids
lent them out for some fun
Her purse was now full
Practically weighs a ton
One boy fought back
Told the welfare man
Who proceeded to molest him
In the back of his van
The boy raged and hollered
But, it fell on deaf ears
He felt so alone
Held back his tears
One night, in darkness
A thought popped in his head
The only way to end this
Is if she were dead
So, hammer in hand
He crept into her room
Whacked her on the head
She screamed in her doom
She stared at the boy
With blood in her eye
He hit her again
But she would not die
She laughed, and giggled
Go! Hit me again!
The boy sputtered and frothed
Said something profane
He hit her thrice more
While uttering a curse
Then he cut her in pieces
And filled up her purse