Stephen And Carrie-A Love Story

Sammy the Pug jumped and yipped, wagging his stumpy little tail as his Master, and Mistress cuddled on the couch. The couch was decorated with hearts, and flowers. Cupid covered the walls, the wallpaper almost alive with romance. The Welcome mat by the front door Stated ” Love is…”
Stephen, and Carrie hugged each other, looked deep into each others eyes and professed their love, their kisses deep, and passionate. Stephen got up off the couch, knelt before Carrie, producing apparently from thin air a beautiful diamond ring.
“Will you marry me?” he said, bottom lip quivering.
Carrie, tears running down her beautiful, perfect face, said, “yes, oh, yes, yes, yes! My darling! My sweetheart!”
They hugged again, and Sammy yipped, and carried on with delight, sensing their happiness.
Stephen, and Carrie went to bed, and made beautiful love together, as Sammy slept in his cage, snoring and snuffling.
They were all content.
Downstairs, in the kitchen, something popped behind the microwave. Bad wiring.
The fire grew slowly, but, the happy couple never did put new batteries in the smoke detectors during Spring forward, daylight savings time.
The house burned to the ground, killing Stephen and Carrie, but Sammy miraculously survived. He is no longer a small, tan happy dog, but, a burnt black leathery mess of a thing, yipping, and whining, and whimpering, and howling in incredible pain.


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