The Dog And The Baby Die

The Dog And The Baby Die,
William Morgan

The dog mauled the baby, tore her to pieces. I shot the dog.
Then I shot my wife for buying the wolf in poodle clothing.
Then I drove out to Pet Heaven, and shot the owner for selling the dog to my wife.
On the way home, I stopped off at my in-laws and shot them both for creating my wife.
Then I stopped at work and shot a couple of assholes, and bitches. Figured I’ve gone this far, may as well go all the way.
I went to the mall to get a hand rolled pretzel, and shot the driver of a Corvette for taking up two parking spaces.
I got my pretzel, then shot a mall cop for not doing his job. Allowing all those asshole teenagers to make so much noise was annoying.
I stopped at a Bass Pro to buy more ammo. I shot the sales clerk for forgetting my discount.
My hand hurt from all that shooting. I shot the person closest to me to alleviate the pain.
I get home, shoot the dog again. Make some coffee, wait for the police.
I’ll go out in a blaze of glory.

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